Cartridge Start

This procedure is based upon external power not being available. During routine (other than scramble/exercise) cartridge starts, it is advisable to use external electrical power, if available, as this will allow use of the CNI, fire and overheat warning circuits, and all engine instruments during the start. If external power is used, normal generator switching should be used. To avoid possible irritation caused by cartridge exhaust smoke/gases, it may be advisable to close canopies and select 100% oxygen during start cycle.

🔴 WARNING: Never attempt to load or unload a cartridge in either starter with the engine master switches on, ground refueling switch on, or external electrical power applied. If a malfunction in safety circuits occurs, serious injury could result.

1.Engine master switchesON
2.Right generator switchGEN ON
3.Ignition buttonPRESS AND HOLD
5.Engine start switchR (right)
6.At Lightoff (EGT INCR)
Ignition ButtonRELEASE
7.Check Parameters
a. Exhaust Gas Temperature220 - 420 °C
b. Idle RPM65 ± 1%
c. Right Boost Pump30 ± 5 PSI
d. Oil Pressure12 - 50 PSI
e. Fuel Flow Indicator800 - 1400 pph
f. Hydraulic PressureWITHIN LIMITS
8.Spoiler ActuatorCHECK (LEFT)🔧
9.Air Refueling doorCHECK🔧 (if required)
10.Left EngineSTART PER STEPS 1-7
11.Left GeneratorON
12.Right GeneratorCYCLE OFF/ON
13.Bus Tie Open LightOUT
14.Interior CheckCOMPLETE