Laser Guided Bombs

GBU-10, 12, and 24


Built around the Mk 80 series of conventional bombs, the Paveway series precision bomb kits install a guidance section and directional maneuvering fin section to the Mk 82 (GBU-12) and Mk 84 (GBU-10 and 24) general purpose rounds, respectively. Utilizing the Pave Spike laser targeting pod or buddy lasing, the Paveway's resulting performance delivered a substantial increase to the Phantom's bombing accuracy, with the later GBU-24's larger fin arrangement providing greater glide range for the 2000 lb round over the original GBU-10.


Available variants of the GBU family include:

102000 lb
12500 lb
24 A/B2000 lb

The laser guided BDU-45 LG can be used for training purposes.


GBUs are deployed using the BOMBS setting on the Weapon Selector Knob.

Technically, all bombing modes on the Delivery Mode Knob are supported, see the Employment section for details.

However, unless guided by another aircraft, TGT FIND in combination with a Pave Spike targeting pod is the main mode to employ GBUs with.

The laser code used by bombs can be set on the ground during rearming or in the Mission Editor. The laser used for guiding with the Pave Spike is set on the Laser Coder Control by the WSO.

Laser Code Interface