Customization Interface

The pilot and WSO character can be customized through an in-game menu, for example selecting one of the many available helmets.

🚧 Character customization will be made available later during Early-Access.

Selfie Mode

To enable great screenshots, a special Selfie Mode can be entered via an assignable special bind.

In this mode, the character model is rendered even though the player is currently in First-Person-View (F1).

The camera can then be moved for example to the front via standard DCS controls:

  • RCtrl + RShift + 8 (Numpad): Move up
  • RCtrl + RShift + 2 (Numpad): Move down
  • RCtrl + RShift + 4 (Numpad): Move left
  • RCtrl + RShift + 6 (Numpad): Move right
  • RCtrl + RShift + / (Numpad): Move forward
  • RCtrl + RShift + * (Numpad): Move aft

The view can be turned back to face the pilot by using LAlt + C and then using the mouse.

Selfie Shot

Additionally, another special bind exists to freeze the character model movement.