Dialog UI

Jester Dialog consists of a web-based frontend and offers an API exposed to Lua for modifying its content and reacting to actions.


The frontend is a Pixi JS based website defined in


Opening index.html in a browser shows the dialog filled with example content.

The website can be edited freely, changes are visible after reloading DCS (SHIFT+R).

The UI logic, such as animations are defined in renderer.js, while the interactions are handled in main.js.

interface.js declares the base content of the dialog, as well as all methods relevant for the C++ to JS communication.

The method hb_send_proxy is used to send commands to C++, such as notifying it that an action has been clicked.


Dialogs are shown on-demand and in-order. They are displayed for a certain time and the user is given a chance to engage in the dialog or ignore it - upon which it will expire and vanish.

A dialog consists of a question with up to 4 selectable options. An option is either final or triggers a follow-up question with new options to select from.

Dialogs are hold and shown from a queue. A new dialog can be pushed to the queue via:


The following shows a simple example to add a new dialog:

local fuel_check_dialog = Dialog.Question:new({
  name = "Jester",
  content = "How is the fuel?",
  phrase = "dialog/fuel_check",
  label = "Fuel Check",
  timing = Dialog.Timing:new({
    question = s(5),
    action = s(10),
  options = {
    Dialog.Option:new({ response = "We are good", action = "fuel_good" }),
      response = "Fuel is low",
      follow_up_question = Dialog.FollowUpQuestion:new({
        name = "Jester",
        content = "Okay, how do you want to proceed?",
        phase = "dialog/fuel_low_proceed",
        options = {
          Dialog.Option:new({ response = "Remain on Mission" }),
          Dialog.Option:new({ response = "RTB", action = "fuel_low_rtb" })


To react to a selected option, listen to the corresponding event:

ListenTo("fuel_low_rtb", function(task)
  -- Component interface
  task:Click("Nav Panel Function", "TARGET_1")

  -- or Raw interface
    ) -- Target 1