The Phantom encourages modding and allows the community to modify various parts of the simulation and experience.

Players can enjoy their creations either in Singleplayer or even in Multiplayer on servers that disabled their file-integrity-check.

💡 Let us know if you create a cool mod that you think should make its way into the module!


Jester is fully open to modding. Please see the Jester API for details.


This manual is open-source at GitHub.

If you found a typo or want to improve a section, please let us know or also feel free to contribute yourself directly at GitHub.

Integrated Websites

Several features of the aircraft make use of integrated websites, which are displayed in-game with a built-in web-browser.

The code for the websites can be found in the Mod-Folder, for example:

G:\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\F-4E\UI

The browser supports full HTML/CSS/JS and even allows loading external sites, such as visiting YouTube and watching some tutorials.

Feel free to enhance any of the existing sites, such as the Jester Wheel or Grease Pencil UI, if desired.


To quickly find out what a switch does, the embedded manual allows holding a hotkey (M by default), then clicking any switch in the cockpit and the manual opens scrolled right to the spot explaining the corresponding switch.

On the technical side, this feature is setup in the lookup-table located in the Mod-Folder, for example:

G:\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\F-4E\Input\explain_table.csv

This file links pointer/connector names of the model to relative URLs of the manual.

# in explain_table.csv

The URL, for example cockpit.html#fire_test_button, is then loaded in the Manual-Browser.