F-4E First Flights by Nation

The F-4 was used widely by several NATO and allied countries. Because of that it reached many first flight milestones in the various countries.

NationMcDonnell NumberBuNo/USAF SerialDate
United States223466-284June 30th, 1967
Israel349268-396May 26th, 1969
Australia384769-0304June 26th, 1970
Japan403769-7463January 14th, 1971
Iran409369-7711March 2nd, 1971
Greece443972-01500January 29th, 1974
Turkey452573-01016June 17th, 1974
Germany494675-00628May 5th, 1977
South Korea496676-0493July 28th, 1977

real_life_f4_crew_after_flight_checks The crew of an F-4 Phantom II aircraft completes a post-flight inspection