Jesters assistance for combat situations is generally divided into options on the Jester Wheel, whenever not in a high action environment yet, and a smart Context Action for use during situations that require acting quick, such as during a fight.

Context Action

The context command (by default V) allows for intuitive cooperation and exchange between Pilot and WSO based on the following contexts:

  • Pave Spike - TGT FIND selected on the Delivery Mode Knob
  • Dive Toss - DT or DL selected on the Delivery Mode Knob
  • Dogfight - CAGE mode
  • Beyond Visual Range - other

The context action can change semantics if pressed only momentarily, if hold or if clicked twice (double-click).

BVR - ScanSelect next target
Lock selected target
••Reset target selection
BVR - Lock•, ▄Drop lock, but keep target in focus
••Drop lock and focus
Dogfight•, ▄Lock/Unlock contact ahead
••Exit CAGE mode
Dive TossLock/Unlock ground return
Pave SpikeLock/Unlock target next to reticle