Mk 4 Series 2.75 Folding Fin Aerial Rockets - FFAR


Also known as the Mighty Mouse, the Mk 4 series of unguided aerial rockets originated as an air-to-air weapon. Given the rocket's undirected nature, tendency for wide dispersion in salvo usage, and overall poor performance in its intended role - most notably an incident in which over 200 rounds were fired by a pair of F-89 Scorpions in a failed attempt to down an un-commanded target drone, the Mighty Mouse was wholly unfit for purpose. However, the rocket's peculiar traits were ingeniously capitalized upon by transitioning it to the role of an air to ground area effect weapon.

Having become a useful tool, the original Mk 4's capability was expanded upon with a wide array of warheads, including smoke, anti-personnel flechette, and those used by the USAF on the Phantom - the M156 White Phosphorous, Mk 1 High Explosive, and the Mk 5 High Explosive Anti Tank. Depending on the hardpoint location and configuration, up to 3 LAU-3 pod launchers can be installed per hardpoint, each carrying 19 FFARs.


Available variants include:

White PhosphorFor marking target areas
HEAgainst infantry and light armored targets
HEATAgainst armored targets, such as vehicles