Left Sub-Panel


The left sub-panel features most of the gear indicators ( 1), Slats and Flaps indicators (2), the external lights switch (6), the Aileron-Rudder Interconnect fuse (8), a recorder lamp (3), the landing gear lever (9) as well as the fuel boost pump gauges (4). Also found on it is the stabilator trim gauge (5) and the emergency release of the external stores (7).

8-Day Clock


A clock is provided for the pilot, including a stopwatch function. The watch features a hour and minute hand, and can be set by turning the knob (1) on the left lower corner. The stopwatch function is activated by pressing the top right button (2), it features a minute and second hand. The stopwatch needles are reset by pressing the top right button again.

Landing Gear Handle


Actuates the landing gear; raised for gear up, down for gear down.

Pulling the handle out will actuate the Emergency Mode and release the gear by using a pair of compressed air bottles.

💡 The gear can not be retracted on ground.

Landing Gear Position Indicators


The Landing Gear Position Indicators provide visual confirmation of current gear state, displaying UP when retracted, showing a barber pole while in transition, or the illustration of a wheel in the respective window when fully down and locked.

Slats/Flaps Indicators


Visual indication of the Slat and Flap systems are provided through two window indicators. Slats will be displayed as IN (retracted) or OUT ( extended). Flaps will display as UP (retracted) or DN (down), and will show a barber pole while in transition.

Boost Pump Pressure Indicators


A pair of indicators provide confirmation of fuel boost pump operation. Indicators are calibrated 0 to 5, which must be multiplied by 10 to read in current PSI.

Stabilator Trim Indicator


Provides current stabilator trim setting in units of trim (not equal to degrees). For Takeoff the trim should be between 1-3 units nose down.

Landing/Taxi Lights Switch


Control the external Landing and Taxi lamps. Left main gear must be down and locked for the switch to function

💡 Lights are turned off automatically when the gear is retracted.

External Stores Emergency Release


Also called the "panic button", the External Stores Emergency Release will immediately perform separation of all stores, without air-to-air weapons or special weapons.

Aileron Rudder Interconnect (ARI) Circuit Breaker

ARI Fuse

When pulled in conjunction with the Yaw ARI Stab Aug Switch disengaged, Yaw ARI will be fully removed. With the Yaw ARI Stab Aug Switch engaged, 5 degrees of ARI authority will be maintained.

See 3.1.2 Flight controls & AFCS for further information.

Emergency Brake Handle


Pulling this handle activates the Emergency Hydraulic Brake System, dumping the remaining pressure of the hydraulic accumulator in to the brake system for a limited number of brake applications. Note that differential braking will work as normal, but will also serve to exhaust hydraulic pressure more quickly.