Grease Pencil

Both crew members can use a grease pencil to draw on the side of their canopy.

The interface can be opened by clicking on the corresponding spot on the right front side of the canopy.

Grease Pencil UI

Holding down left click allows drawing, while right click will use the eraser.

After closing the window by clicking on the canopy spot again, the results are rendered on the canopy.

Grease Pencil Picture

💡 Due to engine limitations, the image is not synchronized in multiplayer and is not visible from external view.

Spotting Circle

To aid in crew coordination, during startup and planning, a commonly employed technique is to select a static object at distance, such as a building, vehicle or tree, and drawing a circle around it.

Spotting Circle Setup

The circle drawn by the Pilot and the WSO will now roughly point in the same direction and, once in air, can be used to enhance coordination.

For example, if the Pilot spots a target, they can tell the WSO:

"There is a target 100m right to the circle."

The WSO can now use his circle marker to locate the right spot.

Spotting Circle Target