Virtual Browser

To enhance in-flight studies of the aircraft or simply to overcome some downtime, a virtual browser can be opened (by default RCTRL+V).

Virtual Browser UI

The browser enables users to

  • watch tutorial videos,
  • read documentation provided by third parties,
  • listen to a music playlist while flying,
  • or also playing some browser games and much more.

The UI is embedded in-game, can be resized and moved around. Buttons on the top left corner allow for quick navigation.

💡 To allow free browsing select Full for the Special Option HB UI Domain Access.


Session data is memorized and saved locally in a folder like

C:\Users\John Doe\Saved Games\DCS_F4E\cache\

Clearing this folder will reset all browser preferences and settings.

If required, sound level of the browser can be controlled via the volume mixer provided by Windows through the HeatblurUi.exe entry.

Volume Control