Dropping ordnance on ground targets with Jester consists of two phases. Initially, Jester has to prepare for the attack by entering corresponding data into the panels. For most modes, the attack run itself can be executed by the pilot alone. However, for Dive Toss and Dive Laydown modes, Jester must lock the ground return using the radar.


To prepare a bombing run, both pilot and WSO have to enter several settings throughout the cockpit.

For Jester, this includes the WRCS panel, such as the Release Range, Target Altitude or Release Advance, as well as the LABS angles and timers.

To prepare Jester for a bombing run, use the Bombing Computer tool and transfer the solution by utilizing the Tell Jester button.

Tell Jester UI

Once activated, Jester will do his part in preparing the aircraft for the desired attack.

Dive Toss

During a Dive Toss or Dive Laydown attack, indicated by DT or DL selected on the Delivery Mode Knob, the Context Action can be used to command Jester to lock the ground return after placing the nose on the target. A subsequent press will unlock the target again.

Pipper on Target

This way, ground targets can be attacked effectively during a dive. The pilot places the reticle on the target, commands Jester to lock the return and then pulls up while holding down the Bomb Button. Weapons will be released automatically shortly after.

Ground Return Locked