Pave Spike

If equipped, Jester will ensure the targeting pod is ready for a 12-VIS dive attack when required.

This can also be commanded manually by selecting either Air To Ground > Pave Spike > Operation > Standby or Air To Ground > Pave Spike > Operation > Ready in the UI.

Operation Options

Additionally, the UI allows the pilot to change the laser code used by Pave Spike.

The pilot can command Jester to focus on operating the targeting pod by selecting TGT FIND on the Delivery Mode Knob.

💡 Due to DSCG limitations, operation of the Pave Spike and the radar system are mutually exclusive.

12-VIS Dive

Pressing the Context Action will command Jester to lock the ground target next to the reticle. A subsequent press will unlock the target again.

Pipper on Target

This can be used effectively in 12-VIS mode where the pilot points the nose on the target in a short dive. After locking the target, the pilot can pull out of the dive and either keep observing the target through the pod, or start an attack. See Employment for details.

🚧 Jester Pave Spike operation will be expanded throughout Early Access. To overcome current limitations, the Pilot is provided with temporary binds to control the WSOs Antenna Stick. This allows the pilot to use the targeting pod more effectively.