Optical Sight Test

1.Pinky switchRADAR
2.Sight shutter leverOPEN
3.Sight mode knobCAGE
4.Reticle depression knob35 MILS
5.Reticle intensity knobAS REQUIRED
6.Armament switchesOFF/SAFE
a. Station green/amber lightsOFF
7.Delivery mode knobDIRECT
8.Armament safety override buttonPUSH IN
9.Sight mode knobCAGE to A/G to A/A
a. Pipper (at RBL) Moves no more than ±2 mils.
10.Reticle depression knob10 MILS
11.Sight mode knobBIT 1 (figure 2-21)
a. Reticle jumps 25 ±4 mils left.
b. Roll tabs rotate 90° clockwise.
c. Range bar indicates 4000 feet (3 o'clock within ±15°.)
12.Sight mode knobBIT 2 (figure 2-21)
a. Reticle drops down 25 ±4 mils.
b. Roll tabs indicate Level flight.
c. Range bar indicates 6700 feet (12:30 o'clock within ±15°).
13.Sight mode knobA/A
a. Pipper returns to RBL.
14.(WSO) Radar power knobTEST
15.(WSO) Test knobSET 5
16.(WSO) Range knobAI 5
17.(WSO) Radar mode knobBST
18.(WSO) Lock on first BIT target
19.Pinky switchRADAR to HEAT
a. Pipper remains at RBL.
20.Pinky switchGUNS
a. Head-up GUN lightON
b. Range bar indicates 6000 feet (1 o'clock within ±15°).
c. Reticle slowly depresses according to the corresponding AOA:
AOA Units(Mils)
21.Cage buttonPRESS AND HOLD
a. Pipper moves to 1000 feet cage range (approx 2 mils below RBL).
b. Range bar remains at 6000 feet (1 o'clock within ±15°).
22.(WSO) Break radar lock
a. Range barOFF
b. Pipper moves toRBL.
23.Cage buttonRELEASE
a. Pipper moves to 1000 feet cage range (approx 2 mils below RBL).
24.Sight mode knobSTBY or CAGE
25.Delivery mode knobOFF
26.Armament safety override buttonRESET