Navigation Tests


1.Function selector knobT/R
Allow 90 seconds for warmup
2.CourseSET TO 180°.
3.Tacan test buttonPRESS AND RELEASE
4.Observe the following:
a. Test indicatorFlashes momentarily.
b. Course and range flagsIn view.
c. Bearing pointerSlews to 270° for about 7 seconds.
d. Course and range flagsOut of view.
e. DistanceIndicates 0.0 +0.5 miles (-0.5 miles indicated as 399.5 miles).
f. Bearing pointerSlews to 180° +3°.
g. Course deviation indicatorWithin 1/2 dot from center.
h. TO-FROM indicatorIndicates TO.
i. After about 15 seconds, Course and range flags in view until test complete.


1.ILS frequency SelectorSelect frequency on indicator.
2.Press VOR/MKR Test pushbuttonMarker beacon lights illuminate.
3.VOR Frequency selectedMust be selected with a valid VOR Signal present.
4.Course selected315° on the HSI course selector.
5.HSI modeIn VOR/ILS.
6.Press the test pushbuttonInitiates the test.
a. Course deviation indicator moves to center (with a maximum allowable error of ±4°).
b. "To-from" indicator on HSI indicates TO.
c. Marker beacon lights illuminate
d. Bearing pointers on HSI and BDHI swing to 315°