Radar Air-to-Air Bits

BIT 0 Aim Dot and Range Rate Calibration

1.Radar Power KnobSTBY
a. Test GridAligned ±1/16 inches
3.Test KnobDOT BAL and HOLD
a. Aim DotCentered
b. Range Rate±20 knots
4.Radar Power KnobTEST
5.Test KnobDOT BAL and HOLD
a. Aim DotIn Calibration Area
b. Range Rate900 ±50 knots
6.Adjust Horizon LineZero Pitch
7.Radar Range KnobAI 10
a. Search DisplayEight Shades of Gray
b. Adjust BRTOptimal
c. Adjust CONTROptimal
10.Radar Range KnobAI 25
11.Position EL Strobe30° Down
(Prevents radar antenna from hitting stops)
12.Stab SwitchOUT
a. Horizon LineRemoved
13.Stab SwitchNOR
14.Radar Power KnobSTBY


BIT 1 Minimum Discernible Signal, Lockon Sensitivity, Range Track Memory

1.Test knobSet 1
2.Radar power knobTEST
a. Monitor meter (RDR MAG)Indicates 1.4 to 1.8.
b. Horizon lineWithin limit markers as shown.
3.Adjust indicatorsFor optimum contrast (CONTR) and brightness (BRT).
a. Minimum targets11 targets visible in search.
b. Position range knobTo 5, 10, 50, 100, 200, and 25 while checking video.
4.Place acquisition symbol beyond the last target.
5.Move range strobe down while holding full action.
a. Range strobe locks on before passing seven targets.
b. Maintain lockon for 5 seconds.
6.Test knobSet 0
a. System unlocks in 4 to 6 seconds.
7.Test knobSet 1
8.Pulse switchSHORT
a. Monitor meter (RDR MAG)Indicates 0.9 to 1.15.
b. Minimum targetsEight targets visible in search.
9.Place acquisition symbol beyond the last target.
10.Move range strobe down while holding full action.
a. Range strobe locks on before passing eight targets.
b. Maintain lockon for 5 seconds.
11.Test knob0 for 3 seconds then select TEST 1
a. System goes into memory for 3 seconds, then re-acquires lockon.
b. Range rate readout flashes at 4 HZ for 3 seconds.
12.(P) Radar missile powerSTBY FOR 1 MINUTE
13.(P) Radar missile powerCW ON
14.Meter selectorKLY
a. Meter reads0.25 to 1.25
15.Lock on third target
a. Aim dot in box
b. Range rate 900 ±200 knots
c. Break lock


BIT 2 Range Track Acceleration, Antenna Position

1.Test knobSet 2
2.Lock on 10th target
a. System breaks lock in less than 30 seconds.
3.Lock on second target
a. System maintains lock for at least 30 seconds.
b. Range rate readout 900 ±200 knots
4.Break lock
5.Pulse switchAUTO
6.Radar mode knobBEACON
a. BIT targets disappear and at least one beacon target reappears.
7.Radar mode knobMAP


BIT 3 Angle Track

1.Test knobSet 3
a. B-sweep and EL strobe at 0 ±0.2° (before lockon).
2.Lock on fourth target
a. Aim dot rotates between ASE circle and the segmented circle (not exceeding either by more than 1/4 inch).
b. Rmax and Rmin at 15 and 5 miles.
c. ASE circle as shown.
d. EL strobe goes 30° down (after lockon).
3.Break lock and lock on 10th target
a. Aim dot rotates inside ASE circle.
4.Maintain lockon for BIT 4.


BIT 4 HOJ, Angle Track Memory, AOJ, Pseudo & Simulated Doppler, Corridor Scan

1.Test knobSet 4 (figure a).
a. All BIT targets disappear but lockon presentation remains.
b. H light ON
c. Range rate readout flashing, indicates 900 ±.200 knots, and last digit is replaced with the letter H.
2.(P) Radar missile power switchOFF (or when AIM-7 missiles are turned).
3.Position B-sweep and EL strobeAt 0° for reference.
4.Radar power knobSTBY.
a. B-sweep and EL strobe drift less than +5° before unlock.
5.Radar power knobTEST.
6.Action switchFA (figure b).
a. AOJ display appears.
b. Range rate readout disappears And H light OFF.
7.Track switchAOJ OUT.
a. System returns to search.
8.Track switchAUTO.
a. B-sweep covers 3 bars on selected CAA corridor.
b. EL-strobe scans from -21° to +57°.

manual_radar_air_to_air_bit_4a Figure a

manual_radar_air_to_air_bit_4b Figure b

BIT 5 Range Rate Noise, PLMS, CAA

1.Test knobSet 5
2.Lock on third target
a. Range rate readout 0 ± 300 knots.
b. Aim dot inside of ASE circle.
c. ASE circle 0.56 inch diameter.
3.Break lock
4.Pulse switchSHORT
5.(P) Sight mode knobA/A
6.Radar mode knobBST
7.Range knobAI 5
8.(P) Auto acq buttonPRESS and RELEASE
a. Radar locks on first target
9.(P) Auto acq buttonPRESS and RELEASE
a. Radar breaks lock, range gate sweeps to next target and locks on.
b. Repeat this step through all targets.
10.Air-to-air buttonPRESS
a. Air-to-air lightOFF
b. Radar control transfers to RCP.
11.Break lockon
12.Radar mode knobMAP
13.Range knobAI 25
14.Pulse switchLONG
15.Lock on fifth target
a. RDR MAG indicates 1.4 to 1.8.
16.Pulse switchAUTO
a. RDR MAG indicates 0.9 to 1.15 (PLMS).
17.Aspect knobTAIL
a. Range rate readout displays fighter heading (0°-360°)
18.Display knobVI
a. Updates fighter heading display.
19.Display knobB-WIDE
a. Discontinues fighter heading update.


BIT 6 AIM-7 Attack Display and Interlocks

1.Test knobSet 6
The T (track) light illuminates but SKIN TRK light remains OFF during this test. This is a normal indication with the DSCG.
2.Radar power knobTEST
3.Missile power switchSTBY
4.Position range strobeBeyond 15 miles.
a. Rmax at 15 ± 1.5 miles, Rmin at 5 ± 1.25 miles.
Range rate 000 knots Indicates AIM -7E missiles/plugs installed or stations empty. 900 knots indicates AIM-7F missiles/plugs installed. After OFP P005, the OFP version number will be displayed for the first 10 seconds in place of range rate readout; for example, OFP version P005 will be approximately 500 knots.
5.Move range strobe down(with half action or full action)
a. Aim dot stationary inside box.
b. HOLD ALT light ON beyond 15 miles, OFF at 15 miles.
c. IN RANGE and SHOOT lights ON when range strobe is between Rmax and Rmin.
d. ASE circle remains fixed in size.
e. Break X occurs, ASE Circle and range rate readout disappear, IN RANGE/SHOOT lights OFF at 5 miles or less.
6.Radar power knobSTBY