Radar Air-to-Ground Bits



Range Slope and Zero

1.(P) Sight mode knobA/G
2.Radar power knobTEST
3.Radar range knobAI 5
4.Radar mode knobA/G
5.Test knob5
a. Monitor (RDR MAG) 0.9 to 1.15
b. B-sweep 5° ±3° left of center.
c. Acquisition symbol centered on B-sweep (before lockon).
d. Horizon line indicates 30° left bank and 30° dive.
6.Lock on first target
a. ASE circle appears and B-sweep fades (AGC). AGC action reduces the B-sweep intensity and the weaker test targets fade. However, it is not abnormal for the stronger test targets to be visible in the B-sweep.
b. (P) Range bar at 5:00 within ±.5° (6000 feet).
7.Lock on second target
a. (P) Range bar at 3:00 within ±.5° (12,000 feet).
8.Lock on third target
a. (P) Range bar at 1:00 within ±.5° (18,000 feet).

Bomb Range Strobe Calibration

1.Test knob1
2.Display knobPPI WIDE
3.Radar mode knobMAP
4.Radar range knobAI 10
a. PPI sweep scans 1200 sector.
b. PPI sweep drift Offset 5.6°.
c. Far edge of bombing Strobe just touches appropriate BIT target.