Normal Procedures

This chapter contains standard procedures for operating the F-4E Phantom II.

The aircrew procedures through the Before Taxi paragraph are separated into individual procedures for the pilot and weapon system officer. These separate procedures allow the individual crew-member to perform the checks without requiring him to read the checks performed by the other crew-member. The remaining procedures are combined and are coded for applicable crew-member action. Items coded (P-WSO) are applicable to both the pilot and weapon system officer. Items coded (WSO) are applicable to the weapon system officer only, and items not coded are applicable to the pilot only.

💡 Real procedures and checklists evolved over time. The procedures provided in this manual are based on a time range around the 80s and tailored to our simulation of the Phantom specifically. Procedures provided in other resources may differ slightly.

See the Definitions for an explanation of the symbology used.

real_life_crew_with_manual Ground crewmen from the 37th Tactical Fighter Wing perform maintenance on an F-4 Phantom II aircraft during Exercise Gallant Eagle '82