Conventional Bombs

Mk 80 Series


The Phantom II's bread and butter in the air to ground role, the Mk 80 series conventional bombs were first dropped in combat over North Vietnam. The F-4E is able to deliver the 500 lb Mk 82, the 1000 lb Mk 83, and 2000 lb Mk 84. Of note is the selectable drag option Mk 82 variant known as Snakeye. With the selectable fin arrangement on the round, the deployable fins remain in position in the low drag profile, and deploy as a cruciform aerobraking device in the high drag setting. This change in setting is managed with the Nose/Tail Arming switch.


Available conventional unguided bombs are:

Mk-81250 lbLow Drag
Mk-82500 lbLow Drag
Mk-82 AIR500 lbLow/High Drag Chute
Mk-82 Snakeye500 lbLow/High Drag
Mk-831000 lbLow Drag
Mk-842000 lbLow Drag
Mk-84 AIR2000 lbHigh Drag Chute
M-117750 lbLow Drag

BDU Series Training Bombs


Depending on the training requirements and range needs, the Phantom II can carry the BDU-33 25 lb training bomb, the BDU-45 500 lb training bomb, or the BDU-50 500 lb training bomb, in either low or high drag configuration, to simulate the carriage and release profile of standard Mk 82 and Snakeye rounds.

BDU Variants

Available variants of the BDU family include:

3325 lbLow Drag
50 HD500 lbHigh Drag
50 LD500 lbLow Drag
45 LG500 lbLaser Guided


The conventional bombs are deployed using the BOMBS setting on the Weapon Selector Knob.

All bombing modes on the Delivery Mode Knob are supported, see the Employment section for details.

💡 MK-82 Air and Snakeye can be switched between Low and High drag configuration depending on the Fuze Arm Switch. The nose fuze arms the bomb, while the tail fuze puts the bomb into High Drag if set and Low Drag if not set.