Laydown Modes

Laydown delivery allows for releasing weapons from a wings level attitude by designating the target visually either by using the pipper set to a certain sight depression or the radar.

They are most effective if used for low altitude attacks, as well as deploying CBUs or high drag bombs.

Laydown - L

In this mode, the target is designated by means of a distance to a point prior to the target (IP). Once over that point, the Bomb Button is held down and weapons automatically release after passing the setup release range.

As a visual aid, the sight should be depressed in a way that it will be exactly over the target when at the IP. That way, as soon as the pipper is over the target, the Bomb Button can be held down and weapons will impact.

💡 The correct sight depression can be computed using the Bombing Calculator Tool.


Procedure - L

Setup for the Laydown attack requires the bombing table target range and altitude above target to be entered on the WRCS panel.

The Optical Sight should be set to the depression noted from the tables in Air-to-Ground mode, and the approach to the target should be flown at the true airspeed (or ground speed) listed in the bombing tables for the parameters, wings level

The AWRU and WRCS Release Advance settings should be entered as desired, and the Weapon Select Knob placed in BOMBS or RKTS & DISP (for dispensers like CBU-1 and CBU-2 only).

As the pipper crosses the target, the bomb button should be held until the set spread of munitions has released.

Dive Laydown - DL

This mode is a variation of the regular Laydown mode, where the target is designated by using the radar instead.

Therefore, the pilot flies a dive attack similar to the Dive Toss mode, while the WSO obtains accurate range information to the target by obtaining a radar lock.

After target designation, the pilot levels out at the planned altitude and weapons release automatically at the set range to the target.

Dive Laydown

Procedure - DL

The bombing table release range must be set directly in the WRCS panel, and the pilot flies the ballistic schedule speed (true airspeed or ground speed) at the given altitude above the target to produce the given release range.

Dive Laydown is selected by placing the Delivery Mode Knob in DL, and choosing either RKTS & DISP (for dispensers like CBU-1 or CBU-2 only) or BOMBS. Desired release range is entered on the WRCS panel, and, if necessary, the release advance control.

The start of the attack is the same as Dive Toss; a higher than normal dive angle is flown, with the radar in AIR-GRD mode at 5 or 10-mile range, a solid return is generated, and the pilot then positions the pipper on the intended target and holds the bomb release button.

Once this is completed, the pilot pulls out of the dive at the bombing table plan altitude, maintains the target speed and heading with wings level, and the bombs release automatically at the desired range.

The key factors for accuracy in this mode are correct altitude and pitch angle at the point of release.