TV Guided Bombs

Phantom loaded with two Walleyes

The F-4E Phantom II was equipped with TV-guided bombs, notably the GBU-8 and AGM-62 Walleye, enhancing its precision strike capabilities.

The GBU-8, also known as the "HOBOS" (Homing Bomb System), its successor the GBU-15, and the AGM-62 I and II Walleye are electro-optical, TV-guided glide bombs. They are precision-guided munition equipped with a television camera in their nose.

The GBU-15 can be steered after being launched via a data-link interface, leading to pinpoint precision and increasing the F-4E's effectiveness in attacking well-defended and high-value targets, providing a "man-in-the-loop" guidance solution.

💡 The earlier DSCG variant does not support the data-link interface. Thus, it can launch the weapons only in a backup mode "Lock-On Before Launch" similar to Mavericks, without any manual steering after launch.

Historically, also both Walleye variants received data-link upgrades (ER/DL). However, the F-4E has never been adjusted to support the Walleyes specific data-link interface for man-in-the-loop guidance.

Both the GBU-8/15 and AGM-62 Walleye were crucial additions to the F-4E's arsenal, enhancing its ability to conduct precise strikes with reduced collateral damage. These TV-guided bombs showcased the adaptability of the F-4E Phantom II in integrating advanced munitions to meet evolving mission requirements.


Available TV guided bombs include:

AGM-62 Walleye I1000 lb
AGM-62 Walleye II ER2000 lbextended range
GBU-8 HOBOS2000 lb


During the three-minute warmup period, it is helpful to set the optical sight to A/G mode, and enter a depression of 17 mils, so that the sight alignment be that of the missile seeker. This way, the pilot can put the target on the pipper and it will be within the weapons view.

After the warmup either bomb is released by, selecting the corresponding stations, putting the Weapon Selector to TV and the Delivery Mode Knob to DIRECT.

Enable the TV mode for the DSCG screen and press the trigger. This activates the sensor and video feed will be displayed on the screen.

💡 WSO controls are on the actual flight stick, not the Antenna Hand Control.

HOBOS Screen Symbology

The camera sensor can not be slewed. Place the crosshair in the general direction of the target area, or in case of launching in "Lock-On Before Launch"-mode, directly over the target. Press and hold down the trigger to command a lock.

The seeker attempts to lock via contrast. If it fails to lock, the target likely does not stand out enough to its background.

💡 Due to TV based contrast-locking, the weapons effectiveness may decrease during dusk, dawn or in heavy overcast situations.

HOBOS Release

Once locked, a black square is added to the symbology, indicating the seeker head position.

Then, press and hold the bomb button for a few seconds to release the weapon.

💡 Effective range varies a lot with release altitude and speed. The release mechanism does not check if the ordnance is within parameters. To reduce the risk of the weapon missing its target, prefer launching it from increased altitude and speed.

HOBOS Release