Overhead Indicators

Overhead Indicators

The overhead indicators offer information directly in the pilots view and aid in situations where the pilot is focused and looking outside, such as during combat, landing or refueling with a tanker.

SHOOT Lights


A group of 5 lights arranged around the canopy bow, illuminating when missile firing parameters are met. These lights do not illuminate when in visual intercept (VI) or Air-to-Ground modes.

Air Refueling Lights


Provide status of the Air Refueling System while in use.

READYIlluminates when air refuel receptacle is fully extended. Turns off when boom is locked or receptacle retracted.
DISENGAGEDIlluminates when boom disengages during cycle, and remains lit until refueling system is reset.
L.H. FULLIndicates left hand external tank is full (also while refueling on ground).
CTR. FULLIndicates centerline external tank is full (also while refueling on ground).
R.H. FULLIndicates right hand external tank is full (also while refueling on ground).

Labs Pull Up Light


Illuminates and disengages during Loft and LABS bombing runs to provide timing sequence information to the pilot.

Standby Magnetic Compass


A standard magnetic compass for backup navigation assistance should the primary flight director systems fail. The compass should only be used in level flight. Compass deviation cards are found above the right canopy sill on each cockpit.

Angle of Attack Indexer Lights


A pair of indicators to the left and right of the HUD that provide quick confirmation of current aircraft AoA state based on illuminated position and color.


Can also indicate weapon steering cues and an aural tone system backs up the indication with audible cues. See 3.1.2 Flight Controls, Angle of Attack System section for details.

💡 The AoA Indexers are only lit with the right gear down.