DSCG Controls

DSCG Controls

The Digital Scan Converter Group (DSCG) refers to the screen used to display radar data and video feed of TV weapons or targeting pods. The DSCG replaces the Direct View Storage Tube radar scopes which could not interact with the digital interfaces.

Reticle Intensity/Scale Knob


The reticle intensity/scale knob (2) provides brightness control for the reticle and the radar repeater.

RET INTControls the brightness of the gun reticle.
SCALEControls the light intensity of the range scale at the edges of the front radar scope.

Sight Shutter Lever


The lever (4) changes the optical sight light source to prevent damage to the optics from high sunlight. Is used after landing to prevent damage to the sight when parked.

Reticle Depression Knob


The reticle depression knob (11) controls manual depression in 1 mil increments from 0 to 245 mil. The manual depression is used for direct delivery bombing and delivery of the AGM-65 Maverick.

Sight Mode Knob


The rotary knob (12) selects the mode of operation for the gun-sight.

OFFTurns the system off.
STBYWarms up the system. Reticle remains off.
CAGEReticle is displayed and caged at the radar boresight line (RBL). This is used for takeoff and landing.
A/GSelects air to ground mode. Manual set depression is referenced from the fuselage reference line (FRL).
A/ASelects air to air lead computing mode. Position is set by the gyro, range, and CADC, and can be caged.
BIT 1System self test mode 1.
BIT 2System self test mode 2.

OPR ERS/Contrast Knob


Two function (pushbutton inside of knob) control (3) of the front scope display.

OPR/ERSButton activates or erases display in aircraft with DVST. No function with DSCG scope.
CONTRControls the displayed video/background contrast on the front scope.

Brightness Knob/Horizon Line Knob


Dual knob control (6) of the front scope display settings.

BRTControls relative brightness of the front scope display.
HOR LNAdjusts relative horizon line shown on radar scopes in both cockpits.



The INT tab (7) rotates around the display to alter the relative darkness of the radar display, permitting the pilot to adjust the scope relative to ambient light. With the INT tab a polarization filter is rotated over the scope.

Red Tab


The red tab (8) is rotated to provide a red scope display for night flying.

In Range Light


The IN RANGE light (5) illuminates to alert the pilot that the current locked target is within range parameters.

Hold Altitude Light


The HOLD ALT light (10) illuminates as an instruction to the pilot from the fire control system to maintain current altitude to assist in a snap-up intercept situation against a target above the fighter. The predicates are:

  • A range greater than the weapon can make,
  • Altitude in excess than 32,000 feet, and
  • The locked target is greater than 8,000 feet above the fighter.

When the HOLD ALT light is on, the fighter should be flown to center the steering dot relative to azimuth of the ASE circle. When the HOLD ALT light turns off, the fighter should then snap up in pitch to fully center the steering dot in the ASE circle. See the 3.10 Radar System for more.

Wheels Light


The WHEELS light (1) illuminates when the aircraft slows below flaps blow-up speed (roughly 230 knots, dependent on altitude) with the gear still raised. In this situation, the aircraft assumes the intention is to land and the light illuminates to suggest lowering the gear.

Range Lights


The Range Lights (9) illuminate relative to range settings selected by the WSO. Range is provided in the upper right corner of the DSCG scope.