Left Wall

Emergency Canopy Jettison Handle


Used for emergency ground extraction, the Emergency Canopy Jettison Handle releases a compressed oxygen cylinder to open the respective canopy immediately, shearing it off at its pivots.

Canopy Control Switch

Canopy Control Switch

Used to open (aft) or close (forward) the WSO canopy.

Emergency Flaps Handle


Used for emergency deployment of the slats and flaps from the rear cockpit, and is activated by pulling the handle aft. Pneumatic system powering extension of the slats flaps system only functions one time. Extend regardless of airspeed; however, flaps will not fully deploy above 230 knots due to air loads on control surfaces. Will deploy fully when slower.

LABS Panel


Aural Tone Volume

Knob (1) to control the volume for weapon tones, such as the Sidewinder seeker head.

Pull Up Tone

Switch (2) to toggle the tone played by the Pull-Up system.