Right Wall

The right wall has auxiliary switches for testing and starting the aircraft.

Canopy Manual Unlock Handle

Canopy Manual Unlock Handle

The manual unlock handle is used in the event of pneumatic system failure.

The handle, when pulled aft, unlocks the canopy so that it may be pushed open. Before manual unlocking of the canopy, the normal control lever must be placed in the OPEN position.

For normal operation, the handle should be left in the forward position.

If the canopy is not properly locked, the CANOPY UNLOCKED warning light on the telelight panel illuminates.

Ground Test Panel


Battery Bypass

When toggled ON (1), de-energizes the battery relay, disconnecting the battery from the essential 28-volt DC bus and ceasing charging. Particularly used in suspected cases of thermal runaway.

Autopilot Ground Test

The autopilot ground test switch (2), located on the No. 2 circuit breaker panel, connects external electrical power to the AFCS circuits. It disengages if there's a loss of external power or when a generator comes online. When operating on external power, the AFCS circuit can be de-energized by placing the switch in the NORM (down) position.

Instrument Ground Power

In the TEST position (3), connects external electrical power to the instrument buses (115/200 volt ac, 28 volt ac, and 14 volt ac), contingent upon the generator switches being set to EXT ON.

This can be used during a cold-start after applying ground power and before starting the engines, to already setup the aircraft and operate some systems that require power on these buses.