The aircraft is equipped with multiple recording devices, such as the AVTR or the Gun Camera.

They are capable of recording in-game footage, which is accessible outside of the game in the Saved Games folder. A possible path might for example look like:

C:\Users\John Doe\Saved Games\DCS_F4E\recorders\

Airborne Video Tape Recorder

The AVTR records footage into folder

C:\Users\John Doe\Saved Games\DCS_F4E\recorders\avtr\

as PNG files every three seconds, if activated. Each cassette can record up to 20 minutes of footage and, if unthreaded, will overwrite previously recorded footage.

AVTR Folder

💡 This limits the footage to 400 files, each having a size between 50 KB (radar) to 400 KB (TV), totalling to 160 MB.

See AVTR System and 2.2.2 AVTR Control for details on how to operate the device.