ACM Modes



In the event that an AIM-7, AIM-9, or M61A1 must be employed against an airborne target with the sight in A/G mode (for example, the flight is bounced by opposing aircraft), the optical sight reticle can immediately be slewed to the Radar Boresight Line using the Cage Button, found on the inboard (right) throttle handle. Cage mode commands the radar into BST mode with a five-mile range, and short pulse, and sets the firing circuit for the currently selected air-to-air weapon relative to the Pinky Switch. For the optical sight, the command activates the respective elevation and azimuth tracking, roll mark, and range functions of the reticle for the chosen weapon, without the pilot having to remove a hand from throttle or stick to swap the sight mode or weapon control panel functions.

Should a track condition exist prior to pressing Cage and the Pinky switch is in Radar or Heat position, the lock is broken when the button is pressed, and the antenna slaves to boresight when released. If the Pinky Switch is in the Gun position, the lock is not broken.

Cage mode can be exited from either cockpit, by placing Weapon Select knob in the pilot cockpit to the B position momentarily, or by the WSO pressing the Air to Air button on the rear cockpit panel. If the pilot leaves the Weapon Select knob in B, it does not preclude a later entry into Cage mode.


Computer Automatic Acquisition Mode (CAA)


Once in Cage mode, the radar can be selected in to Computer Automatic Acquisition using the Nose Gear Steering button. In CAA, the radar enters a vertical-oriented scan pattern 78 degrees in height by 15 degrees in width. Actual radar lock capability within this scan pattern is from +45 degrees above the horizon line(fuselage line) to -9 degrees below the horizon line(fuselage line) due to APQ software limitation. In the event that the radar finds a suitable target within the scan volume, the target will be locked. Should the flight crew find the locked target not be the one intended, the Nose Gear Steering button can be pressed on either stick grip to return the radar back to the search pattern.

In CAA mode, the radar's search pattern can be shifted left or right utilizing the Pinky Switch.

GunsRadar Focus Left
HeatRadar Focus Center
RadarRadar Focus Right

To exit CAA, the pilot can select position B on the Weapon Select knob, or the WSO can push the Air to Air button. Should a radar lock be in place at the time of mode exit, it will be retained.