Left Wall

SAI Panel


The panel provides a circuit breaker (1) and a knob (2) to control the brightness for the Standby Attitude Indicator.

Eject Light/Switch


Pressed by the pilot in an emergency condition requiring ejection from the aircraft, which illuminates the EJECT lamp in the rear cockpit warning the WSO to prepare for immediate ejection.

Slats/Flaps Control Panel


A three position switch (1) (NORM, OUT, OUT AND DOWN) to the rear of the panel provides normal operation functions of the Slats/Flaps System. These functions are relative to landing gear position, and are noted as follows:

Nose Gear UP

NORMFlaps up, slats operate as function of AoA.
OUTSlats extend.
OUT AND DOWNSlats and flaps extend (wheels light flashing until the landing gear is down.

Nose Gear DOWN

NORMFlaps up, slats operate as function of AoA.
OUTSlats and flaps extend.
OUT AND DOWNSlats and flaps extend.


Emergency Slats/Flaps Handle

Also included is the Emergency Slats/Flaps Extension handle (2), marked in yellow and black, at the top of the box. This handle is pulled to force high pressure air into the slats/flaps actuation system, causing them to deploy in event of control system failure.

Emergency Canopy Jettison Handle


Used for emergency ground extraction, the Emergency Canopy Jettison Handle releases a compressed oxygen cylinder to open the respective canopy immediately, shearing it off at its pivots.

Canopy Control Switch


Used to open (aft) or close (forward) the pilot canopy.

Extra Picture Switch


Provision to operate the KB-18 gun camera without the release of weapons, the Extra Picture switch starts the camera at the selected rate.

Gun Camera Switch

Gun Camera Switch

Activates the gun camera, which will run until the switch is placed to off, or actuation of bomb button or the second trigger detent once the pre-programmed overrun time is completed.

Slats Override Switch

Slats Override Switch

Two-position guarded switch with IN and NORM positions. In NORM, slats operate normally as a function of the slats flaps switch or AoA. When IN selected, slats will retract and remain retracted. Selection of IN illuminates SLATS IN light on telelight panel and Master Caution lamp.

Armament Safety Override Switch

Armament Safety Override Switch

If pressed and the landing gear handle is placed down, overrides the armament safety.

This allows for example to fire the gun while on ground.