Right Wall

The right wall features the main circuit breakers and lighting controls.

Canopy Manual Unlock Handle

Canopy Manual Unlock Handle

The manual unlock handle is used in the event of pneumatic system failure.

The handle, when pulled aft, unlocks the canopy so that it may be pushed open. Before manual unlocking of the canopy, the normal control lever must be placed in the OPEN position.

For normal operation, the handle should be left in the forward position.

If the canopy is not properly locked, the CANOPY UNLOCKED warning light on the telelight panel illuminates.

Flight Instrument Lights Intensity Panel


The Instrument Lights Intensity Panel has six knobs that allow to independently change illumination intensity on the following indicators for both cockpits:

The base intensity of all indicators is controlled with the Flight Instrument Light knob.

🚧 These knobs will be made available later during Early-Access.

Formation and Indexer Lights Control Panel


Control of the formation lights, which are found on the wing tips, both sides of the vertical stabilizer, and along the fuselage forward and amidship, is performed using the three position switch (2) and rotary knob (3) on this panel. The switch has positions for MOM (momentary), OFF, and ON. The variable control knob provides relative illumination levels at five positions: OFF, DIM, MED (medium), BRT (bright), and JOIN UP.

Also on this panel is the Indexer Lights brightness knob (4), which controls relative illumination of the AoA indexers on both sides of the windscreen. Marked positions are DIM and BRT (bright), with the highest level to the right of the knob.

The fuze cap (1) contains the fuze.

For further information on the lighting see the 3.9 Lighting chapter.

Circuit Breaker Panel


Contains seven circuit breakers responsible for flight control surfaces and other systems important for safe operation of the aircraft.

  • AIL Feel-Trim (1)
  • STAB Feel-Trim (2)
  • Speed Brake (3)
  • Landing Gear (4)
  • Flaps (5)
  • Trim Controls (6)
  • Rudder Trim (7)

If a circuit breaker is popped, the corresponding system does not receive power and cannot be operated anymore.

Emergency Floodlights Panel


This auxiliary panel has various controls for lights and also audio.

Stall Warning

The Stall Warning knob (1) controls the volume of the AoA tones that play when flying at certain angles.

Under certain conditions, the system can override the volume to ensure the cue is always audible in dangerous situations.

Standby AI

This knob (2) used to control the brightness of the Standby Attitude Indicator (SAI) lights, but has been replaced by the SAI Panel on the left wall.

Instrument Flood

The three position switch (3) controls the lamps illuminating the instrument panels in both cockpits simultaneously in red light.

For further information on the lighting see the 3.9 Lighting chapter.

ML Audio

This knob (4) controls the volume of the Missile Launch System that plays tones to warn the pilot about being under attack.