Weapon Systems


The F-4E features two systems to assist the Pilot and WSO in air-to-ground Operations. The AN/AJB-7 ARBCS (Automated Release Control System) serves as the automated release control system for time or pitch-relative bombing. It interfaces with the Multiple Weapon Controls, Pedestal Panel weapon settings, and various munitions such as bombs, laser-guided bombs, or the AGM-45.

The Weapon Release Computer Set (WRCS AN/ASQ-91) supports various delivery modes for both level and dive maneuvers. The weapon release signal is automatically generated by the computing system, incorporating inputs such as INS velocities, radar target range, and manual inputs from cockpit controls.

The AWRU (Automatic Weapon Release Unit) receives operational power when BOMBS or RKTS & DISP is selected on the weapon selector. The control panel features two INTRVL controls and a quantity (QTY) selector.